Perpetual Pet Memorials Honoring The Pets We Love

Forty years ago, pet tombstone markers or pets memorial stones were never considered. If there was a memorial for a pet it was usually a mound of dirt, a few flowers, and two sticks tied together as a cross. As children, our pets were part of our families. When they passed on, we buried them with sadness and took great care in creating our pet garden markers with sticks and twine.  Years later when returning home, the pets burial markers can no longer be found.


 Pet Ashes Urns Pet Remembrance Stones
Headstones and Monuments
 Wood, Brass, Marble, Granite, Keepsake Jewelry  Marble, Blue Stone, Slate, Flagstone, Granite, River Rock Garden Benches, Gravemarkers, Plaques, Bird Bath


  • Superior Quality and Durability
  • Incredible Imagery and Clarity
  • Acid Rain Resistant
  • Photographic Technology  - Will Not Fade



Perpetual Pet MemorialsWhat would we give for our pets to have headstones or simple pet gravemarkers to identify their resting place forever?  We do it for our family, why not for our pets, our dearest companions? They weren’t just pets, they were family and we should honor them with a burial marker,  a "memorial" for our pet and best friend. Now, there is a formal way to truly remember where they lay. 

Perpetual Pet Memorials offers memorial pet plaques lovingly created from stone, granite, river rock, flagstone, bluestone, slate, and bronze. Many of our designs of headstones for pets have photographic images of your dear friends engraved or recreated in sealed colored ceramic for all to see. When children return home forty years from now with their children, it will be no problem to find their most beloved pets memorial plaques. Our great grandchildren will be able to see what our pets meant to us by the permanent memorials and remembrance stones. Perpetual Pet Memorials, honoring the pets we love!